What Is The Logic Behind The Flash Mind Reader?

The flash mind reader has logic behind it.

This is easy logic if you are talking about a game.
It says:
If you want to subtract the total from the original number, choose any two digit number.
You can find the relevant symbol when you look at the final number on the chart.
Click on the crystal to see the symbol you are thinking of.
The value is 10x + y if you choose a two digit number.
Adding the digits is now done: x+y.
Subtract the number from the original number.
What is the logic behind the flash mind reader?

Blessed with Suck, what is the logic behind the flash mind reader?

Being a passivereceptor and not being able to shut other people’s thoughts out can easily drive a psychic insane.
A psychic power called telepathy, mind reading allows a character to read another person’s thoughts and communicate with them.
The character can pick up the thoughts of those around him by using it as a short range radio.
It can have limitations such as being able to “hear” rather than “see” thoughts.
Telepaths may be able to see through other people’s eyes with the help of Astral Projection.
It is difficult for telepaths to prove Bad Powers, Bad People is not true inside and outside of a story.
Those thoughts are usually related to something else.
Since telepathy is an invasion of privacy of the worst kind, it’s one of the most potentially undeserving powers.
The Psychic Nosebleed is a sign of psychic overload.
In settings with un-masqueed telepaths, they are often policed.

The flash mind reader has logic behind it.

The symbol associated with the currently displayed chart is programmed into the crystal ball.
You get 10*x + y – (x + y) if you subtract from a two digit number.
In the example chart below is the symbol used for 45.
There are numbers and symbols that are not related to multiples.
The number x-y can be represented as 10*x + y.
57 is 10*5 plus 7.
A multiple of 9.

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The flash mind reader has logic behind it.

There is a consistency in the flash mind reader’s work.
It could be called a number mind reader or a math mind reader.
How is the flash mind reader able to pick the right symbol?
If you pick a number, the game will force you to pick either of the 9 numbers.
There is a secret to the flash mind reader.
It is still a fun game to play online.
There are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, and 81 possible numbers.
The computer might be able to read your mind.
Is this doable?
There is something going on behind you when you are doing this.

The end result is what the logic is behind the flash mind reader.

The end result is limited to 10 values.
They could have told you to take the digits and add them up.

A new address has been found.

A new address has been found.

Subtract the total to find out what the logic is behind the flash mind reader.

It works the same way as most number tricks do: math + sleight of hand + misdirection.
I would have done everything I could to figure it out, but that thing really pissed me off.
I featured the flash mind reader on my site last week and people have been asking me how it works.
It works for larger numbers.
Having different symbols for 90 and 99 is a red herring, because your number will never be higher than 81.
There is a crystal ball, mystical symbols, groovy sounds, and no explanations.
99 is the highest original number that you can pick.

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