Virtual Mentalism

Virtual mentalism is a form of mind reading and psychological illusions that can be performed over the Internet using programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google Meet. Performing virtual mentalism on a virtual stage is an interactive and fun experience for audiences of all ages. It can also be performed over an audio or video link with an audience in the same room. For a full demonstration of virtual mentsim, click here.

virtual mentalism

The cost of a virtual mentalism performance varies greatly. The average price for a private event is around $700, while a corporate show can cost over $1000. Pricing varies depending on several factors, such as the number of guests in attendance, the complexity of the presentation, the duration of the show, and the customization options you want. The performance will last for 20 to 45 minutes, so make sure to dress to impress.

Virtual mentalism shows can also be performed online. Some of the best shows feature a host of psychological illusions, such as a virtual reality. Some are even completely interactive. Some are more interactive than others, with audience members interacting with the show and sharing thoughts. A multi-sensory experience will ensure that your guests will be spellbound by this immersive and entertaining performance. The only thing that will leave them gasping is their own imagination.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Another type of virtual mentalism performance is the Reconnected show. This is a live streaming performance with a number of psychological tricks that are designed to enhance the audience’s experience. There are 25 screens per performance, making it intimate and interactive, perfect for any type of gathering online. This type of show can be performed at any size of venue. A great advantage is that it is a great idea for a birthday party or a corporate gathering.

For a corporate event, a virtual mentalism performance can cost between $700 and $1000. The price depends on the number of guests and customization, and the duration of the show. Moreover, it is perfect for virtual gatherings online, including online meetings, where the host is not present. The cost is based on the number of participants in the event, and the date. It can be performed live on a variety of video and audio platforms.

The cost of a virtual mentalism show varies from $700 to $1000 for a corporate event or a private event. The price of virtual mentalism varies, depending on the number of guests and customization. Depending on the date and duration of the virtual event, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to $1000 or more. There are several options available for virtually hosting a virtual MENTALISM show.

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