The Phedon Bilek – Proteus DVD Review

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The Phedon Bilek – Proteus project is a follow-up to his book, Proteus. It’s a 3 hour 41 minute DVD that teaches the audience how to perform this mind reading effect. While this can be intimidating at first, Bilek explains how to use this technique to get the most from it. By excluding paper, and other props from the trick, it has the potential to touch the spectators’ deepest feelings.

The main idea behind the method is to duplicate the card. This method is called the “prop-less drawing duplication plot”. The answer comes from the ideas that Phedon presented in Proteus. Fraser was given a copy of the book for review purposes and was inspired to develop a simpler solution, removing the need for an anagram and multiple fishing statements. This solution has been endorsed by Phedon and is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Phedon Bilek – Proteus – is a very interesting mentalism magic trick. The trick has several different aspects, but they all have the same goal: to create a mental image. The most important part of the mental illusion is to make it appear real. In order for it to work, the audience has to think and visualize. Hence, Proteus is essential for any mentalist.

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The Sibyl – Proteus is a collection of emotional mentalism that is sure to make a profound impact on the participants. This mentalism method is based on a new technique that does not rely on anagrams or starsigns. Instead, it teaches the participant how to communicate in the real world and also learn how to communicate with their mind. The DVD is made of three and a half hours and includes a pdf file.

The Proteus – Phedon Bilek is a mentalism magic trick. It involves the mental process of forming mental images by manipulating the visual elements in the mind. This is a very common method in a Mentalism. The Phedon – Proteus – is a similar technique. The difference between these two methods is that the latter is easier to do.

The Phedon – Proteus is a mentalism technique that uses an anagram. It works by asking questions and making the answers. During this process, the Phedon – Proteus – is a mentalism trick that uses multiple hypnotic states of consciousness to produce the desired effects. It’s also a powerful psychological trick that requires only one prop and has a high probability of affecting the participant’s mind.

However, the process of mentalism is not an easy one. You will need to learn the techniques and routines and practice them until you can achieve a successful result. You’ll experience some hits and misses while learning a new mentalism technique. Using a mentalism DVD can steer you in the right direction and improve your effectiveness at reading people’s minds. It will also teach you how to use a hypnotist’s aides and to apply the best routines.

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