We have already mentioned in a previous article, some of the points to consider when making the decision to operate mentalism as a career.

In this article, we focus on a certain ability to convince others through mentalism and to read. What do we mean by this concept? Read more and find it out!

A Person based on their kind is interpreted to be.

Different people react differently to the same stimulus. You will notice a “base” of behavior for the people with whom you have to do it. This means, to remember how a person behaves in certain circumstances, usually. Since each person is different, you will be using your skills much more effectively if you first created a method. A simple example is to think of people that tend by nature to reach out to others. If these people feel with somebody well, it may be that you are touching this Person, laughing, and in a certain way to interact. Other people in the same situation, even though you feel good, might consider a similar setting as a violation of their Person. Both people feel the same, but they show it in very different ways.

Believe in you

Trust yourself. 99% of the Persuasion of the people is to get them to believe in you or agree with you, and you will receive it with Confidence. What makes a seller effective? Who will win easier for a woman or a man? You might think that the secret in the intelligence or the physical appearance (two factors certainly help), but what matters is the trust itself. A good Mentalist shows self-confidence. Consequently, it would not come once to others in the sense to make his judgment in question.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

If you are a nervous or anxious Person and a good Mentalist want to be, then you must try these two sides of your character to store. If you show yourself as a Mentalist or Illusionist, it is as if you were selling something, because you are selling yourself. People not only want to be convinced, but you’re also looking for precise or logical information. When you realize that it is not a matter of what you say, but how you say it, you will find that the pressure decreases and progress in your career as a Mentalist.


Remember that people tell us much more than we think we hear. If we could listen better, would open in front of us in a completely new world. Our memories would improve and we would connect that we would not have thought possible. Here is what mentalists do!

An important part of listening and Effektivs of mentalism is to read between the lines and see what people mean when they talk. If a friend of yours comes to you and says: “Oh, I’ve trained a lot in the gym,” he says, in fact: “Please Pat me on the back and you tell me that you’re in shape.” It is the understanding and reading of this text, that makes you a good mentalist.


You will always be himself. Even if a Mentalist to the point a real Show delivers, before never give up, to not be someone who you are. Be yourself! The real you will always be more persuasive than any other character you want to play.

Most of all have fun. To have fun and entertainment is part of the world of mentalism and entertainment!

Ideas in the head implant

Do you think Inception is just a great Blockbuster movie of Leonardo Di Caprio? Even if we are not able to implant dreams in the thoughts of others, we can implant ideas. How? Suppose you want to convince someone to think of a word, and the word in question is “at”. You could add this word first in your conversation, then you might look casually on your wrist, and then ask them to think of an accessory. Here it is, here is the reading of the concept.

You will experience this in their small way, as in the above example. Take a friend and try to see if you can have an impact on him, but make sure that he notices that they are trying to implant ideas in his brain. Once you’ve found your method and know for sure how to plant words in the heads of others, you can impress everyone with your mindreading ability.

Reveal your secrets

Have you ever asked a magician to tell you, as one of his Tricks is that? Now, if he is a good wizard, he will reveal it to you never! And he should never explain the Trick of another sorcerer. Do the same! When someone asks you how to do something, shrug your shoulders, and make it clear that they are simply good at what you do.

You don’t even indicate how a certain Trick can run. If you say: “Ah, I see that you have looked up and to the left”, to give you the idea that you have to control the movement of your eyes, to tell them what this means. They want you to think that you have something magical, something that other people do not have. So mysterious. You only increase the interest.


Read, study, and learn: you will Learn almost everything about psychic and how mentalism work. There are many books and Websites where you work, and techniques to read people, to the Interpretation of even the smallest movements of the face and body and for the Manipulation of the mind can learn. Remember that there is no better way to learn than by professionals! And Raffaele Scircoli is the Mentalist for you!

Also in various fields interested in, but used

To learn more and improve, but also because you may find it still interesting, as you venture into other areas that have to do with mentalism too. Read Material about the Interpretation of Dreams, Tarot cards, astrology, telepathy, and telekinesis, to name just a few. Consider also, new abilities like hypnosis, palm reading, and learning other reading skills.

Train your mind

It is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. You can start, perhaps, with activities that will help you to develop your skills, for example, to play chess, Sudoku games, and puzzles to solve. Do Crossword Puzzles. You can spend your leisure time reading or DIY projects. Paint. Take a look at part of the game. All of these are activities that can help you increase your mental power.
Your spirit train regularly. Deductive Thinking and Critical Thinking are two abilities that are not purely mentalist, but your skills will quickly improve!
You remain mentally agile and stay up-to-date.

You can find a job where your skills can use

Whether you’re trying to be a Mentalist, a magician, or a criminal Profiler, at the base, you want to make a career out of it and make money. You can start with simple events and when you grow and improve, you can make your dream into a real career!

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