Richard Osterlind’s Master Class on the 13 Steps to Mind Reading

richard osterlind 13 steps to mentalism

If you’ve been curious about mentalism for years, you may have heard of Tony Corinda’s 13 Steps To Mind Reading. While this seminal work is regarded by many as a mentalism bible, this modern-day course from Richard Osterlind digs deeper into its concepts and principles. This is the ultimate introductory mindedness course for serious students of the art.

Richard Osterlind is an internationally renowned mind reader who has pioneered new ways to read minds, hypnotize people, and bend metal. He explains every step of his career in detail in this master class, which will be invaluable to those just starting out or who want to build upon an existing career. Pros have praised his work, which can be learned in the course, and his methods have gained wide recognition and respect.

Richard Osterlind has been performing mentalism for over 40 years and has made his name by inventing new ways to read minds, bend metal, and hypnotize people. He shares every aspect of his work and his philosophy with his students, who can use this knowledge to create their own magic show or to fuel their careers. The material he teaches in this master class is the same as what he performs for paying clients today. It is available online free of charge and is a must for aspiring mind readers and professionals alike.

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If you’re looking to start a career in mind-reading or further develop an existing one, Richard Osterlind’s master class is a great place to start. He has been reading minds for over forty years and shares every detail of his life and career. His master class is not only a great way to start a mentalism career, but it will help you continue your career in mind-reading.

The Richard Osterlind master class covers every aspect of his 45-year mind-reading career. You’ll learn the material he performs for paying clients today, and he will even teach you the tricks he uses to bend metal. As a result, the master class is a fantastic resource for starting a new career in mind-reading and mentalism. If you’re a professional, or already have one, this master class will help you learn more about the craft.

The Richard Osterlind master class covers every aspect of his 45-year career in mind-reading, and you’ll learn the techniques he uses to read people’s minds. His class is a great place to start a career in mind-reading, or to refine your skills if you’re already an experienced pro. It’s also an excellent resource for seasoned pros who want to expand their knowledge.

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