Pure Mentalism by Nico Heinrich

The first part of Pure Mentalism by Nico Heinrich is ENTRANCE, a skill-based method of initiation that doesn’t require gimmicks or crazy preparation. This method is similar to PM but requires no pre-talk or gimmicks. Instead, it involves finding a suggestible subject and starting the ENTRANCE ritual. Here are some ideas to consider:

Audiophone Routine: A simple, impromptu routine where you open a normal book and imagine a voice reading the first line. When the subject turns to the page and you can see the words, it’s an audiophile effect. MANTRA: A purely verbal meditation, MANTRA helps you create an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. It is a great prelude to bigger effects.

Dopamine: Dopamine is a skill-based mentalism system that doesn’t require any gimmicks or a pre-talk. Like Pure Mentalism, it can be performed on the spot and is equally effective impromptu. And like Pure MENTALISM, it can be impromptu as well. Dopamine does not require a pre-talk and requires no special training. However, it still aims to find suggestible subjects.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Dopamine is a skill-based mentalism technique that uses real suggestion. It is similar to Pure Mentalism, but requires no gimmicks or a pre-talk. It is a skill-based method of mentalism that can be performed without a pre-talk. In other words, it does not require any gimmicks.

The third book, Pure Mentalism, features skill-based mentalism. The first effect in this book is a straightforward divination of a single digit. It’s not strong enough to stand on its own, but it is a great prelude to more complex and elaborate MENTALISM. The third collection, ARTISTIC INTELLIGENCE, is a thought-of-word revelation that uses Google. The trick is so convincing, it almost feels real.

Dopamine is an alternative method of mentalism that does not require any gimmicks. In Dopamine, the audience is presented with a series of words, phrases, or sentences. The subjects are then shown which words or phrases are suggestible, and the performer will begin to reveal them. A second method is to’read’ a person’s thoughts in a certain manner.

Single-digit divination is the simplest form of mentalism, but it’s not particularly sophisticated. But it can be an elegant and fun way to get a person’s phone number. A few simple techniques are described in the book. For example, the performer can transfer a participant’s physical emotions into a billet. This can then be used to manipulate the person’s perceptions or body movements. Essentially, this type of MENTALISM is the perfect prelude to more advanced forms of MENTALISM.

IMPERCEPTIBLE COIN RUSE is a mind-reading routine that can be performed for the entire audience. This is a great stand-alone effect or can be used as a set-piece in hypnosis. You can also perform the “universal anything” trick, which uses four business cards to answer questions in a different way. These are two of the best impromptu MENTALISM tricks for the stage today.

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