Psychological Forces Remastered Volume Two

Remastered Volume Two of Psychological Forces features over 20 new effects. These include propless effects, presentation-focused methods, and new principles. A thought-provoking theory is also included. This method can be learned by both beginners and more experienced mentalists alike. The book is organized into seven chapters. Each chapter provides several ideas for how to perform the tricks. The Remastered version of Psychological Forces contains more than 70 effects and contains a bonus audio file.

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Psychological Forces is a three-volume set of tricks. The first volume is a basic introduction to the concept of psychological forces. The second volume covers more advanced methods, including variations on classic techniques. FRQZXW is a popular version of this technique, which involves the participant choosing a card. This method is considered the most accurate because it uses no Dual Reality. It’s one of the most popular routines in the Mentalism Masterclass series.

The first volume, Psychological Card Forces, is the most comprehensive guide to psychological forces. Peter Turner offers a comprehensive approach to the subject. The second volume explores the application of psychological forces. Both books include extensive routines and commentary from top mentalists. This book is a must-have for any mentalism library. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, you’ll find the information you need within these books.

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Remastered Volume Two includes 20 new effects. You don’t have to read the first book to perform the tricks in Remastered Volume One. This book also covers new techniques for forcing colors and shapes. The book also provides a thought-provoking theory and fifteen methods for navigating psychological forces. Using these methods, you can create new and fascinating routines. You’ll surely have a great time at the Mentalism Masterclass.

The second edition of Psychological Forces, which was originally published in 2007, contains twenty new effects. The first volume, Remastered by Emma Wooding, contains the original version of Psychological Forces. The second edition is a sequel to the first book. This book is recommended for both beginner and advanced mentalists. The first two volumes are written by the same author. Both books contain useful information. The third volume is a companion to the original book.

Psychological Forces is a set of techniques that consists of two parts. The first volume focuses on card tricks, while the second covers presentation-based effects. The third volume includes the classic card trick. The book is divided into three parts. The first part contains 15 routines while the second one consists of 15 variations of the same effect. In this second edition, the tricks are much easier and faster to perform. The book is the ultimate guide for performing mentalism.

Some mentalists use NLP and body language to perform their tricks. Some mentalists use hypnosis. The effect is very realistic and can be performed by anyone. There are no known pitfalls of this method. If you’re considering doing it yourself, you’ll probably be amazed at the results! It is an excellent tool for sleight-of-the-mouth trick that uses all of the senses and a powerful, highly effective effect.

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