Opus by Fraser Parker Reveals the Secrets of Prop-Less Mental Magic

In this special interview, mentalist Fraser Parker reveals the secrets behind his breakthrough mental magic routines, which are completely prop-less. The book is divided into two parts, one for the book of angels and one for the book of the fallen, and offers free worldwide shipping, 90 days buyer protection, and a hassle-free return policy. Read on to learn the secrets of this enthralling mentalism performance.

Opus by Fraser Parker is a new video masterclass that details Fraser’s unique approach to mind reading. The two-part documentary provides a detailed explanation of his approach to mind reading, as well as revealing his thoughts on prop-less performance. This is the first video release by Fraser, and it contains a comprehensive teaching of all of his newest tricks. The book is available on the internet, where it is available for download for a limited time.

Opus by Fraser Parker is a new mentalism video masterclass by the renowned mind reader. It details the use of words to create perception shifts and impossible situations. While it is not necessary to own The Book of Angels in order to learn the tricks in this book, it is a great way to expand your repertoire. It’s also a great way to learn Fraser’s new tricks.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Fraser Parker’s Seeing Signs is a prop-less method of star sign divination. It is featured in Peter Turner’s PDF course. This method is an elegant variation of the star sign divination plot that doesn’t require anagrams, focusing on specific letters, or using math. It is fully mechanical. With this technique, the spectator is trained to read people’s minds. This book is an essential reference for anyone interested in learning how to do mind reading.

The “Gestalt” principle by Fraser Parker is a propless cue effect that allows the performer to manipulate the spectator’s mind. This method uses the “Gestalt” propless principle. It is an ideal method for mentalism because it is modular and can be used within other tricks. In addition to the secret cue, “Gestalt” is a great technique that is easy to learn.

Opus by Fraser Parker is an 8-hour video masterclass that details the nuances of his unique approach to mind reading. It includes insights on how to use “the Now Show” principle in a close-up environment and how to use it in a challenge situation. It is a fantastic and fascinating book that will enlighten the minds of anyone who wants to learn more about mentalism. The videos are a must-have for any mentalism enthusiast’s library.

In addition to the true mysteries of Fraser Parker, the Berglas Effect is another effective method. It is a simple way for a spectator to read someone else’s thoughts. Its secretive nature makes it a perfect trick to learn. The method is a practical one and can be performed anywhere. This method is easy to learn and will make your audience think of you when you’re performing in public.

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