Miracles in Mentalism Series by Ted Lesley

If you are looking for a new book series, the “Naked Mentalism” series by Ted Lesley is a good choice. This new book series offers three volumes of comprehensive material on coin predictions, dexterity, and probability. This book also teaches you how to use these techniques during performances. If you are curious, you can check out the mentalism volume 1 by Nelson. This title includes three volumes of performance techniques and is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to perform mentalism.

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Besides a fascinating explanation of ESP, this book reveals four serious psychic gems. The first one is a skit by Senator Crandall, which is a spoof of the Mystic Mary skit. The second book in the series explains ESP symbols and uses it to prove that a person is a “soul” being guided by an external source. Unlike the first part of the book, the hypnosis tricks are explained in terms of science and facts, making it easy to believe that these are real.

The third book in the series consists of 23 expert mind-reading tricks written by top experts in the field. It includes some of the most popular techniques and has something for every level of performer. This book contains 153 pages and is a must-have for any mentalism enthusiast. It is listed as Nelson Enterprises catalog number 674-3. The “Naked Mentalism” series is an excellent read for intermediate performers and beyond.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

The book teaches basic mentalism tricks and techniques, and explains how to use them. It also teaches you how to manipulate metal objects. There are more than 100 photographs in the fork and spoon bending chapter of this book, and there are over 20 routines that will impress your audience. The second book covers advanced hypnosis. The third book contains more than two dozen new tricks, including predicting the future, and feigning telepathy.

The Miracles in Mentalism series is a must-have for mystery workers. It features interviews with 23 leading authorities in mentalism and will fuel readers’ imaginations. It is listed as Nelson Enterprises catalog number 674-3 and contains 153 pages. If you are into mentalism, this is a must-have book for you. And it’s a great gift for any magician or mentalism fan.

This book contains twenty-two routines that are used by professional mentalists. It’s not just cards. You can also use crystals, watches, and calculators. It is important to note that these routines don’t use playing cards but other items such as books, rune stones, and ESP cards. You can also use a watch. The Mindful Mentalism trilogy is available on Amazon.

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