Mentality Tricks – Guess Word

A mentalism trick called a “guess word” allows the performer to guess a word without asking it. In this effect, the subject is asked to write down a word in a piece of paper and then close the book. The performer then reads the chosen letter and the spectator has no idea what it is. The magician doesn’t ask for the spectator’s input; they are merely given an example of the correct answer.

mentalism trick guess word

The mentalist tells the subjects that the number they are thinking of is 37. The number they are thinking of is odd, so they can eliminate half of the possible answers. The mentalist then forces the choice by telling them that the number is not the same as the previous one, but is in fact an odd number between one and fifty. The performer then draws the triangle in the air and the audience subconsciously picks it up.

To use a guess word, the mentalist tells the volunteer that the number she is thinking of is an odd number, which means it shouldn’t be one of their children’s names. The mentalist then uses all of his or her means to make the selection seem completely free and natural. In another example, the mentalist tells the volunteer that she is thinking of a specific number, such as a number between one and fifty. This method eliminates half of the possible choices and leaves only the odd ones.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

The mentalism trick guess word has a number of variations. It can be performed with the performer giving the volunteer free choice. But to achieve the result, the performer must gain the info through subterfuge. For example, the volunteer might choose a word from a book from the past, but if the mentalist asks them to draw it from a website from the year 2020, they will have to visit a different library. This method is called range force.

The next mentalism trick is to guess a number that the mentalist predicts will be in a circle. The mentalist can even force a person to draw a triangle by drawing a circle in the air. If the volunteer is unable to draw a circle in a circle, he or she is not conscious of the fact. This method works a magic trick that uses the participant’s free will.

Another version of this trick involves forcing the volunteer to choose a word in a circle. The performer uses all possible methods to convince people to draw the triangle. For example, the mentalist can use a pencil, pen, or pencil. This method will make the person’s guesses appear as though they have drawn the triangle. It may be a mentalist who has the ability to compel someone to draw a circle.

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