Magic Tricks by Tony Anverdi

Known for his highly collectible electronic effects, Tony Anverdi was also a master of manipulative magic. He used his innovative genius to create a unique collection of lecture booklets, which he sold in mail order from his home in Leiden. His notes feature more than 200 Kemner illustrations that will guide you through the handling of each effect. You can use these to learn the secrets of Tony’s tricks, or simply to impress your friends.

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The Mental Die is a modernized version of a classic Tony Anverdi effect that uses new technologies to produce incredible magic effects. This method combines color-by-number games and the ability to predict the colors of a spectator’s choice. This technique also allows the spectator to buy items they want using only their mind. The game is fun for all ages and includes a bonus interview with the leading historian of Anverdi.

A new mental die has been developed by Tony Anverdi to perform mind-boggling tricks. It’s a white, invisible device that reads dice. A few of these dice have tactile signals and will be visible to the spectator. These devices are great for reading dice, as they are nearly invisible and will never spook your spectator. This new gadget will give you a clear edge when it comes to reading dice.

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The Mental Die is a modern version of Tony Anverdi’s famous mental die, which uses a powerful new technology to perform mind-blowing magic tricks. The kit contains three gimmicked dice, a charger, a tiny receiver, and online instructions. There are three versions of the mental die, and each one has a slightly different method for performing it. If you’re interested in learning about this technique, you should check out The Mental Dice.

Anverdi’s first mental dice kit is made of gimmicked dice. This is a modernized version of the classic Anverdi mental die and uses powerful new technology to make the performance even more astonishing. This kit also contains a special tiny receiver and charger, along with a set of instructions. You can read the dice up close or as far away as you need to. The best way to learn this trick is to try it out yourself.

The Anverdi Mental Dice is a great dice prediction kit. It’s easy to read dice from a distance. It works in a few different ways. It displays a gimmicked die on a screen. The receiver can read the die by the power of a light or sound. It can read a full set of dice in the dark. The kit has batteries and instructions to make it even more effective.

The original Mental Dice Set also included a new mental die. This is the standard casino size die. It’s made of exceptional materials and has a newly coded vibration system. The set is also compatible with the original Mental Dice Set. The new die is an essential addition to any Anverdi arsenal! The unique features of the original Dice Set are sure to excite your mind. This product is an excellent way to experience the psyche.

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