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Jazz Mentalism is a mystical method that uses the power of suggestion to achieve the desired effect. It has many variations, such as sleight-of-hand, and requires no pre-show preparation. Audience members write questions on index cards, which are folded in half and cut into two-inch-square billets. A volunteer collects the questions and places them in a large box at the front of the audience. The performer reads each question, opening them as he sees fit.

Jazz Mentalism by David Humphrey

If you are looking for a fantastic mental magic DVD, Jazz Mentalism by David Humphree is an excellent choice. This digital download includes two DVDs, Jazz and Sweet Force of Mine 2.0, which is the ultimate ESP Match-Up Effect. In addition to both of these books, the package includes a pdf booklet. The DVDs feature a wide variety of effects that are sure to amaze your audience.

Featuring an ESP effect that involves a card cut into a circle, the DVD Jazz Mentalism is an incredible choice. The jazz music and visuals make this a very unique mentalist DVD. Unlike other DVDs, it is easy to learn and perform, making it an essential addition to any juggling collection. Many of the effects are very creative, allowing the performer to use them in their shows.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

ESP can be used in a variety of ways in a show. For example, a magician can predict the outcome of an ESP performance from the cards they are holding. By using this method, the spectator is able to pick up a card that matches his prediction. In this way, the performer can predict the future. This is a great trick to use for any type of ESP performance.

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