Kemetic Mentalism

Kemetic mentalism is a philosophy that focuses on the occult science of the seven basic principles. These principles are the basis of the Hermetic philosophy, which gave rise to other occult disciplines such as astrology and freemasonry. It also influenced various modern “new age” philosophical practices. For example, it is used in the practice of hypnosis. It has also been attributed to the origins of telekinesis.

kemetic mentalism

Ancient Kemet believed that the universe is one conscious being. This idea is the basis for kemetic mentalism. It is not an easy task to learn about the cosmos, so it is often helpful to organize and categorize knowledge. The term “Kemetic science” was coined to group the Ancient Egyptian tradition of ascended being worship. But before this name was used, it referred to a number of different practices.

The Kemetic cosmology was based on the principle of ‘Ma’at,’ or truth. These ‘ascended’ beings lived thousands, if not millions of years ago. Their potential for spiritual consciousness was greater than ours is now. The ancients believed that the principles of the universe could be understood and tapped. Those principles are still present in the Kemetic cosmology, and they are taught to share them.

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Ancient Kemet believed that the universe is one conscious being, and we are all a part of that being. Obviously, learning about the universe is no easy task. However, it is a lot easier to remember connections between subjects when separated into categories. And so, in the field of kemetic mentalism, the term for this knowledge is ‘Kemetic Science’. It is the science of ascended beings.

The Ancient Kemet believed that the universe is composed of three conscious beings, each of whom has their own individual personality. The Kemetic ancestors were all in one and had the power to manipulate the universe. They were the first civilizations to understand the principles of the universe. Although Kemetians could not predict the annual flood of the Nile or calculate the mathematical equations of great Pyramids, they were able to make use of them and understand their power.

The Kemetic culture believed that the universe is one conscious being, and that we are all part of that. It is impossible to fully understand the universe without understanding the principles of the universe. Fortunately, the Ancients recognized this fact, and were able to harness its power. By utilizing their beliefs, they were able to reach incredible heights of spiritual consciousness. This ascended civilization is the first civilization to understand the universe.

Kemetic mentalism is a spiritual philosophy that has roots in ancient Egypt. It was founded by Hermes Trismegistus, the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom and immortality. The doctrine also speaks of disassociation from the material world. This was the first religion to use meditation to achieve enlightenment. The Hermetic religion was adapted by many cultures throughout the ages. In the ancient world, the peoples were called Remetj and Shemsu, respectively.

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