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Jeff Newman’s mentalism show is a unique blend of science, suggestion, and good old-fashioned trickery. The audience is totally involved as they predict the future and gain insights into participants’ lives. Although he does not consider himself psychic, the audience will surely be left scratching their heads and talking about the mysteries behind these illusions. A show by Jeff will certainly be the highlight of any party! You’ll be amazed by his performance!

One of the most amazing tricks performed by Jeff is his ability to predict the future. He can accurately predict the future through a simple word and then have it come true. In this way, he can prank people or fool them. His incredible talent has allowed him to perform on cruise ships, comedy clubs, and television. In addition to his magic, Jeff Bibik’s shows include comedy as well. A unique combination of a psychedelic show and comedy is sure to delight audiences.

For more information, visit Jeff’s website or check out his social media pages. His Facebook page and Instagram feed are great places to learn more about his shows. You can also watch videos on his Media page. It’s an incredible way to experience his amazing mentalism! You’ll never look back! It’s time to start performing! You can make your next event a success by booking Jeff. He’ll leave you speechless and amazed.

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Among Jeff’s many shows, his Hypnosis Experience is one of the most hilarious experiences of your life. He’s a certified Master Hypnotist, and has performed to sold-out crowds in Canada, the UK, and over a dozen other countries. During the show, he guides volunteers into a vivid world of imagination, from race car drivers to 5-year-old kids. With his unique approach to mind reading, the audience is treated to a truly unique and entertaining show.

In this show, Jeff Newman taps into the universal mind to predict what people will do and say before they actually do it. He uses science, suggestion, and old-fashioned trickery to predict the future. The show is fun and entertaining, and many audiences have been left speechless and surprised by the performance. The audience is sure to leave astonished. The Jeff Bibik Hypnosis Experience is a hilarious adventure in the world of mind reading and will leave you in awe.

The show is a hilarious journey into the mind of the audience. A certified Master Hypnotist, Jeff Bibik has performed across the country and in more than a dozen other countries. During the show, volunteers are taken on a trip of wildly imaginative thinking. They may even become race car drivers or 5 year-old children. The fun never stops with the audience, as they are genuinely amazed by this amazing show.

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