Jazz Mentalism Video by Bob Cassidy

jazz mentalism video

When it comes to performing mentalism, nothing beats the power of Jazz Mentalism. It can be performed in any environment with no special preparation. With just a pencil and paper, anyone can create a convincing Q&A act. The DVD contains the teleseminar notes, MP3 recording and postnotes. This is a must-have for any mentalism professional. Whether you’re looking to wow a room full of people, or just want to impress your clients, you’ll find it useful.

This DVD teaches the Q&A routine, considered the backbone of mentalism. In the first video, Cassidy teaches how to perform this routine, which has been called the’mother of all mentalist tricks’. Other routines are featured as well. A teleseminar note and MP3 recording can be found in the PDF document included with the DVD. A few of these routines can be learned from a book or a DVD.

One of the most effective routines in mentalism is the Q&A. It’s a powerful technique and considered to be the “backbone” of mentalism. In the video, Cassidy teaches this classic trick in a straightforward manner. After covering the history, foundations, and basic routines, the third teleseminar focuses on advanced techniques and includes three more routines that are easy to learn and perform.

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The first video covers the basics of the Q&A routine. It’s considered the most powerful effect in mentalism. This is called the “backbone” of mentalism. Bob Cassidy teaches how to perform it in this jazz mentalism video. The first teleseminar also covered the history of mentalism, foundations and advanced techniques. The second video reveals additional routines.

The Q&A routine is the most important routine in mentalism. This is the most powerful routine in mentalism. It’s the “backbone” of the art, according to Cassidy. The second teleseminar covered the history and foundations of ESP and other ESP. The third video focuses on advanced techniques. It includes additional tricks that are easier to learn and perform. These jazz minded teleseminars have been filmed for a wide range of audiences and have received great reviews.

The Q&A routine is a key part of a mentalist’s routine. The Q&A routine is the most effective Q&A routine in mentalism. It is the “backbone” of mentalism. Among other effects, the Q&A sequence is also a vital part of the jazz psyche. A good version of the DVD will show you the basics and add a few extras.

This jazz mentalism video covers the Q&A routine. It is considered the “backbone” of mentalism. This video teaches the proper way to perform this ritual, combining cold reading with answer revelations. You’ll also learn about other modernized Anderson/Hoy techniques and logical disconnects. You’ll be able to perform a number of tricks in this routine. This is a fantastic addition to your repertoire.

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