Is There A Definitive List Of The Types Of Magic Trick Performance Techniques E G Sleight Of Hand Mentalism Etc?

Is there a list of magic trick performance techniques?

An example of a magic trick performance technique is the sleight of hand.
Both are valid ways of describing magic tricks, but you have specifically asked about the techniques, so I will go with that.
I don’t know of a definitive list of magic tricks, but I want to see one.
I made up some of the names.
Some of them might have more common names.
I hope people give me feedback if that is the case.
Manipulating objects in a deceptive manner is sleight of hand.
The force is giving an audit.
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Magic is a performing art in which the artist convinces an audience that they have seen seemingly impossible feats accomplished through natural or supernatural means.
Each class of magic tricks has a long list of different magic tricks.
– Illusionist.
The Magician is Dramatic Monologue.
The Comedy Magician is a comedian.
– Escapologist.
– Mentalist.
The black art illusionist works with art.
The Bullet catch is a mechanical magician’s trick in which a gun is fired at him and he catches the bullet between his teeth.
A magician pulls a rabbit out of an empty top hat by making it appear out of thin air.
– Vanishing.
The inverse of production is also known as the inverse of production.
The transformation is happening.
The restoration is underway.
There is transportation.
The position is Transposition.
The person wants to escape.
Is there a definitive list of magic trick performance techniques?

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