Im Thinking Of Starting A Membership Site For Amateur Magicians Is This Pointless?

I would like to start a membership site for amateur magicians.

Is this worth anything?
Stijn’s answer and Charles’s answer are both very good.
The necessity of providing something that the Magic Cafe doesn’t already provide is an aspect of both of those answers that I don’t think can be over emphasized.
The Magic Cafe is a fascinating case.
Like television, there are ads, but it’s free.
The Cafe’s founder sends promotional emails into your inbox.
They disappear after a couple of weeks and you don’t have to read them.
It’s a temptation to look at the “You have a private message!” flag at the top of the page if someone is trying to get in touch with you.
There are many advantages, but there are also drawbacks.
There is a major problem with the “signal-to-noise” ratio.
One of the world’s greatest teachers of Mentalism, Richard Osterlind, used to be a regular member.
He quit over the squabbles and name-calling.
I wouldn’t be surprised if other pros are leaving the cafe.
Most of the troll would be eliminated if a membership fee was paid.
As you pointed out in your previous answers, there are many other free sites that provide the service and use a heavier hand with moderation to keep the arguing to a minimum.
Bryan Dean’s “Magic Talk” forum used to be great, but he has moved on to bigger and better things.
It all comes down to what you’re going to offer that nobody else does or that someone else doesn’t know about.
Sometimes people don’t have enough money to educate people that their product is available, but they have a unique niche for their product.
It is still up for grabs when that happens.
You don’t have to be the only one who has an advantage to your site, you just have to promote it better.
Good luck!
I’m interested to hear if you develop a site and what you offer.
A mentalist and an illusionist could both be considered magicians, but generally speaking, a magician is someone who works on a smaller scale and may or may not admit they are doing magic.
The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians are both affiliates of magic clubs that host Magic Lectures.

Is it pointless to start a website for amateur magicians?

It shows how Julia is affected by the attack without letting it define her.
Kady, a magician who was created for the show, became the defender of amateur hedge witches and evolved into a mature character.
At a time when many of us are experiencing our own feelings of sadness and anxiety, The Magician series can be an escape.
The show has been critiqued for its depiction of how Julia has power because of her violation at the hands of a god.
A group of people were honing their power.
The series navigates the long-term trauma of these characters.
The Magicians created a series of battles to save the magic of Earth and Fillory.
I hate this person.
The ghosts that haunt his Brakebills friends are also explored in the series.
It is filled with characters complex enough to keep viewers invested in the whole, quirky thing.

I might launch into one if I chance upon a deck of cards.

I might launch into one if I chance upon a deck of cards and an easy-to-impress crowd.
If anyone is still interested, I can elaborate on the above tricks.
The 21-card trick is pretty common, but if anyone has more uncommon tricks, I would love to hear them.
It was one of the best things I have ever done, when I spent an evening at the Magic Castle.
I can do a very good double-lift if someone in the crowd knows how it is done.
I joined a few magic forums, but haven’t done much else yet.
I like all of the really good magicians.
I get a great reaction to simple magic tricks, even though magicians tend to look down their noses at them.
Which tricks do you want to learn?

Tutorial mentalism tricks
Remember Where You Sow It First
Learn Mentalism Tricks

Learn The Best Magic Tricks

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