If Magicians Never Reveal Their Secrets Why Are There Magicians Now?

Why are there magicians if magicians never reveal their secrets?

A lot of magicians sell their secrets online to the public.
We say this because of two big reasons.
When you know the physics behind magic, it’s ruined.
Those who don’t know the truth will ruin their experience.
You can see the brush stroke by zooming very close to the painting.
It ruins the illusion of the paint coming together.
If you can prove to a magician that you want to learn and protect the secrets so that you can also impress people, then they will let you know.
Your effects made your career back in the day.
You wouldn’t be remembered if anyone knew your secret.
You can get a feel for the different time periods by watching a movie like The Prestige.
When we don’t want people bothering us, it’s almost as a tradition.
Magicians never reveal their secrets, that’s why they use the phrase.
It’s true, but it’s also good advice.
Our stock and trade are secrets.
We can’t create the mysteries people find entertaining without them.
An informal code of secrecy has been fostered by magicians.
The public will not be exposed to their tricks.
Magicians spend a lot of money on their illusions.
They don’t want anyone to steal their tricks.
They cannot remember the steps.
They want the audience to be confused.
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