How to Use a Mentalist Utility Device

mentalism utility device

A mentalism utility device is a magical tool that allows you to read any person’s mind. Whether you’re performing on stage or in public, a mentalism utility can fool even the biggest names! This magical item can be used in daily life as well as during a show. The best part is that this mentalism device is so reliable that it’s possible to use it anywhere, anytime!

The Informant is one of the best mentalism utility devices on the market. It lets you make six predictions on a single sheet of paper, and can be used to give yourself or a friend multiple choices, including the final outcome. It can also be used to create a mental card reading routine! This magic tool is a great way to perform the room 666 trick and other similar tricks. You can use this mentalism utility device to help you prank your friends or even family members.

Magic Fortune is another mentalism utility device. This secretly gives you access to someone’s star sign or birth date. You can use this to your advantage and surprise them. It does the dirty work of calculation and letting you play fortune-telling with the person. After all, the secret will be revealed to them later when you use the calculations. When it comes to pranks, the Magic Fortune is a very useful tool.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Another mentalism utility device is The Informant. It lets you make six predictions on a single sheet of paper. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for a number of tricks. You can use it to make multiple predictions or predict several outcomes in a row. You can use it to make people laugh and surprise them. This is an incredible way to show the power of a mentalism utility device. So, get out there and begin performing!

Magic Fortune is another great mentalism utility device. This mentalism utility device allows you to secretly read a person’s star sign and birth date. By using the Informant, you can perform a fortune-telling trick with anyone. It works best on a mate, and it can also be used to predict your lover’s birthday. It can be a fun and effective trick for couples! So, try it out today!

If you’re looking for a mentalism utility device, check out Magic Fortune. This mentalism utility device is a secret way to get a person’s birth date and star sign. It works by performing some calculations for you. Imagine a scenario in which you have your target’s star sign guessed and then perform the same trick for him or her. A magician’s work is much more effective than a simple fortune telling trick.

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