How Is It Possible For A Magician To Guess What Object Someone In A Room Pointed At While The Magician Was Out Of The Room?

How can a magician guess what someone is pointing at while he is out of the room?

At a church function, I had a brother- sister team perform a trick.
Prior to this function, neither magician had ever performed magic at a public event.
He was blindfolded for the performance, but he was able to identify every object she held.
He referred to me as the brother-sister connection after I asked about it.
I persisted in asking how it was done, even though both were very bright and had a great connection.
The brother relented after a long time.
The trick was in how the sister described what she was holding.
They came up with a system of codes that she could use to identify an object if she stated that she was holding it in her left hand or that the object had a number associated with it.
He said that they had memorised twenty or so objects, from billfolds to bottles.
By the time the sister asked the question, the brother knew the answer and only had to make it look difficult for the audience.
After knowing how it had been done, but not their code system, I couldn’t tell what the objects they identified were.
One method of doing the trick was that.
Hope this is helpful.
Magicians create illusions by taking advantage of how we work.
A dove from a hat can be used to draw attention away from the actual trick.
It’s possible for a magician to guess what object someone in a room pointed at while he was out of the room.

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