How Does Derren Brown Do Those Tricks?

We’re going to take a look at how Brown does those tricks.

The one with the nail was the only one left after he slammed his hand on all the bags.

The one with the nail was the only one that he slammed his hand on.
The bags did not have a nail in them.
A member of the audience mixes them up and then throws his hand in the air.
The words on the page are gibberish and the participant can’t read them.
The lady who regained her eyesight is shown large letters by Derren.
They say “G’day campers!” when Mickey Mouse sits on a dog bed.
His sleight of hand with improving eyesight is the most obvious example of magic.
It wasn’t in the balloon at all.
There are 230 guests and no online members.

How does he do those tricks?

I was pulling your arm.
It has been like that.
This is like a show on stage.
Then the numbers get smaller again.
Lewis Howes thinks like the most suggestible people.
I said that no one could know about it.
No one can tell you you are gay.
At some point, I think religion gave people the experience of transcendence, and now I think of it as a kind of religion.
It’s like playing the piano, if you have something that makes you.
He said that he would be happy to show you and guide you.
I was OK.
It is the things you want to accomplish, right?
That is similar to the axis.
“Sacrifice” will affect the way you think about everything in your life and the way you judge other people.
The problem with words like meaning and happiness is that they hide the fact that they are not nouns at all.
It was like giving people the real thing, whatever this guy was talking about, whatever the experience was.

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