How Does Anyone Read Minds Like Derren Brown Or This The Revelation Effect 1 Mentalism And Mind Reading Trick?

How is anyone able to read minds?

The Revelation Effect – #1 Mentalism and Mind Reading trick/reading minds – what is it about?
The magician’s power to read minds is referred to as reading minds.
In Ancient Greece, priests could tell a pregnant woman if she would have a boy or a girl by reading her thoughts.
The priest told the woman the sex of the child, but he also told her she would have a girl.
Everyone was happy if the woman had a boy.
He would open the dated parchment if he received a complaint, but he didn’t know why the woman thought the baby was a girl.
It was hard to give the impression that you are in direct communication with all the powers in heaven, as there is a 50% – 50% chance of guessing something.
The psychology of intuition is what determines the reading of thoughts.
It is possible for anyone to read other people’s thoughts.
By paying attention to the movements of people at different times, you can learn what they think.
You can find out if he is bored or annoyed by an activity.
It takes a lot of time and training to read body language.
You must pay attention to breathing as well as gestures.
Positive thoughts only come from a person who is relaxed.
A person who shakes his head or takes a deep breath is either stressed or nervous.
The voice’s tone can be heard a lot.
If they make an effort to be careful, animals and humans can decipher it.
A calm tone is a sign of banal, common thoughts.
Negative, aggressive and malicious thoughts are reflected by a nervous tone.
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