How Do Mentalists Such As Derren Brown And Anne Dennis Predict The Future So Accurately?

If you throw a coin, it will either be head on the top or tail.

Predicting what will happen in the future requires mentioning all possible outcomes, one of which is definitely going to happen.
Something can be impossible, but not impossible, according to derren brown.
The chance of an event happening is less than zero in this universe.
Master showmen are Mentalists.
They can show games of probabilities in a convincing way.
They are masters of manipulating suggestions and ideas into their audience’s minds.
If a projectile is trained properly, the subconscious mind can calculate its destination.
Ancient prophets used to predict the future using a secret technique.
Your mind has something.
If it is instructed to do so with the help of enormous amounts of data it collects every day, it will be able to calculate all possible outcomes of an event.
Close your eyes while sitting in a dark room.
Don’t look at the light in your eyes.
Take a look at the images that come to your mind.
The images should not be manipulated.
It should be formed automatically by your mind.
Images and sounds help Subconscious talk to you.
Take the time to observe and note everything that you see.
Try to figure out what the images mean.
If you find something, note it.
You can find a lot of such stories.
There is a way to identify an event that has a better chance of happening in the future.
All you have to do is read the stories you have been told.
If there is a chance of such a phenomenon to occur which is exactly opposite of a particular story or in simple words, think if there is any event that can cancel out the event suggested by your subconscious.
Eliminate the story from the list if you found it.
The stories that can’t be canceled out easily are the ones that need to be kept.
It is possible that these stories accurately tell about a future event.
Expose yourself to a lot of information in order to make this technique work.
I will talk about how mentalists such as Anne Dennis and Derren Brown predict the future so accurately in this post.

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