How Difficult Would It Be For A Magician Illusionist To Become A Vigilante?

How difficult would it be for a magician to be a cop?

A standard magician can’t keep him alive against a guy with a gun.
Longer answer:
There was a magician superhero in an old game.
He was well beyond the norm in terms of dexterity.
A set of gadgets was also in his possession.
The cape could be electronically controlled to hold its shape.
He used it both as glider wings and as a distraction– he would whip the cape out in front of him and let the villains shoot at the cape while he was coming around from behind.
There was a metal cane that was wired.
How difficult would it be for a magician to become a superhero?

How hard would it be for a magician to become a criminal?

When he met Raph, he became a vigilante and began hunting down crooks in the streets.
Even if it means killing the criminals, the Vigilante Man is still a man who brings them to justice.
Modern straight examples are frowned upon because of concerns about justice by one’s own hand.
You can be sure that his fellow officers aren’t working very hard to help him if he is determined to catch the Vigilante Man.
The Vigilante Execution is the preferred method of execution by the man.
Cops need the vigilanceante if he has an uneasy alliance with police.
The Vigilante Militia is made up of several men.
A cop’s method of disposing criminals is the same as a judge, jury, and executioner.
In order to avoid hurting an Innocent Bystander, most Vigilantes will go out of their way to avoid killing them.
This makes him a version of the Killer Cop if he’s also a police officer.

How hard would it be for a magician to become a criminal?

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