How Did Eddie Redmayne Do The Colouring Book Magic Trick?

Eddie Redmayne did a magic trick with a coloring book.

When I was young, my brother was six years younger than me and I was into magic.
When I was doing the GrahamNorton show, they wanted me to do some magics because I used to go to the magic shop called Davenport’s in London and I was obsessed with it.
They knew that I was interested and asked if I could find anything.
I couldn’t tell you how to do the magic coloring book because I’d just been thrown out of the magic circle.
The host saw some key moves from Redmayne’s film.
When Redmayne showed off his magic trick, there was no need for a wand.
Eddie Redmayne said he was embarrassed into magic as a kid.

Eddie Redmayne did a magic trick in a coloring book.

After more than a Harry Potter baddie, the man known to fans as Lucius Malfoy helped out with a charity event.

Eddie Redmayne did a coloring book trick.

The magician is going to have the audience look at the drawings.
Isn’t the magic trick that uses a coloring book for children?
An ordinary coloring book is presented to the audience by the magician.
The book can’t be handed out for inspection after the trick.
At one point you could say, “Now make sure you get a good look; the drawings are really gone, aren’t they?”
One of the easiest magic tricks you can do is this one.
He didn’t use a sleight of hand or make any funny moves to show that the book is full of color.
What about the magic coloring book?
Throwing a wand into the mix makes it even more awesome.
This trick can be found on Amazon.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Eddie Redmayne did a coloring book trick.

Someone has done this with a Spider-Man book, anyone know where I can get them?
“Tenyo Magic Book Spider-Man” can be found on eBay.

Eddie Redmayne did a magic trick with a coloring book.

There is no end to Eddie Redmayne’s talent.
Better than not at all.

The coloring book magic trick was performed by Eddie Redmayne.

It was there that he took a coloring book without any illustrations, requested that Cranston blow on it, and suddenly there were some color illustrations.
As a member of the wizarding world, Redmayne brought a wand and filled the book with color.
The actor appeared with Benedict and Bryan on The GrahamNorton Show.

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