Does The Performing Art Of Mentalism Really Have Some Potential Utility In A Criminal Investigation?

The short answer is probably not, though I think there are many lessons to be learned about the deception that can come from magicians and Mentalists.

Mentalists are magicians according to Succinctly.
In reality, they are using magic tricks to influence people.
A magician might influence you to choose a card.
It’s deception.
A magician might say that they were making your card appear on top of the deck with a special substance.
A mentalist would say that they used specific language to make you pick a few envelopes.
Both of these are lies in reality.
Set decoration.
They are still lying despite the mentalist’s choice of a more believable lie.
It’s theater.
The magician is using sleight of hand instead of using waffle dust.
The mentalist is using sleight of hand, not psychology.
With the exception of a few tricks, a mentalist can figure out what you are thinking by looking at your body language.
It is an interesting presentation.
These tricks can be found in art and theater.
They do.
They look like they are more useful than they are.
Mentalists use a number of small psychological tricks.
A psychological force is more likely to hit than not.
You can try to have someone think of a number from 1 to 4.
Spectators think of the number three more often than not.
Some people think that the number three is the most interesting among the four, while others think that the spectator avoids the other three numbers that were mentioned in the statement.
This is likely as close as a mentalist comes to using psychology in a performance as the case may be.
There’s not a clear application of these principles in the real world, even though they are sometimes expanded to be used in cold reading.
Sometimes a magician or mentalist can tell if a person is telling the truth or lying.
This is an illusion once again.
If a mentalist could tell if someone was lying or telling the truth, they wouldn’t be charging a couple thousand dollars a show to perform, they would be traveling the world explaining their lie detection secrets to top government agencies.
Magicians and mentalists claim to be able to tell the difference between a liar and a truth teller in a magic trick.
That’s not to say that psychology used in magic isn’t interesting.
Many psychology are used in magic.
There are many areas of study in the psychology of change blindness.
You will get a delusional response when you ask a mentalist this question.
Mentalists and magicians will often claim useful powers in order to hide their secrets because they are taken in by their own illusions.
In the same way that a magician uses psychology to hide their methods, they will say, “I am using psychology!”

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