David Blaine Brutally Exposed

This new book reveals the secrets of magic tricks and mentalism. It contains a secret identity of the author, who has been kept under lock and key due to threats and spies. It includes instructions to master two revered niches – magic and psychedelics. This book features Over 500 Card Tricks Exposed and David Blaine Brutally Exposed. It also contains an exclusive 30 Days access to Mesmerize Monthly, a monthly magazine that provides a wealth of information on all types of mentalism.

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Many people believe that mentalism and magic are different arts. But the truth is, Blaine’s performances have attracted an audience that is not interested in the tricks and illusions of other magicians. One of Blaine’s most popular works, Street Magic, was considered a revolution in magic. In his latest book, The Mind Reader, he reveals a method for reading minds. It involves performing tricks on others and understanding their thoughts and actions.

After the book became a bestseller, Blaine performed a few feats in Times Square that set world records. His famous “ice marathon” in 1999 resulted in him freezing into a block of ice. In 2005, he did a similar stunt but in a 100-foot pillar, but did not break any records. In 2006, Blaine performed the “human aquarium” stunt, in which he submerged himself in a sphere filled with water for seven days while getting air through tubes. In this stunt, he failed to break the world record for holding breath under water.

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Another stunt that Blaine performed in New York was the electric discharge of a 22-inch circular platform from a 100-foot pole. The audience controlled the pattern by pressing a button on a keyboard. The audience could even control the pattern of the electrical discharge by controlling the sensitivity of the public. The show was so popular that Blaine’s stunt was featured on TV shows and was even shared on TikTok.

In one of his most famous stunts, Blaine asked a cameraman to freeze him in an icy coffin for seven days. This feat lasted seven days and made his act even more amazing. In this episode of the show, he was frozen in a block of ice for 72 hours. The entire audience was baffled by this mind-reading trick. This video features some of the most famous tricks of all time, and it can be very fascinating.

Blaine’s stunt was a major success. In one scene, he shook a hundred-pound glass for seven days, and he then tried to hold his breath in a 100-foot-tall ice block for a week. In another scene, he froze himself for a week in a water-filled sphere. He later failed to break the world record for holding breath underwater.

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