Cool Mentalism Tricks

There are a lot of cool mentalism tricks that are a must-have for every stage magician. The most common ones involve asking a spectator to remember the color of a tool or the name of a person. Once the person has answered correctly, the magician rips up the paper without looking at it. A cool trick like this requires no preparation or props at all and is a real crowd pleaser.

cool mentalism tricks

The most popular mentalism trick involves guessing a person’s identity by asking them to think of a certain color. The magician will ask the volunteer to picture a square and guess the color. Most people will say a gray elephant, which is the right answer. However, the trick is fun for audiences and can be easily performed by amateurs. So, what are the coolest mentsalism tricks? Read on to learn more!

Another cool mentalism trick involves asking a volunteer to imagine a certain shape. For example, if they say a square, the spectator will think of a triangle. In this case, the person is likely to think of a circle surrounding the triangle, so the volunteer will think of a circle around it. The spectator will automatically guess the right number, so the magician will be able to perform the trick.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

Some people use a simple game to test their own ability. This is called mind reading. You have to guess someone’s identity by describing a few traits or events in their life. It may be fun and interesting, but it’s also a good way to test your own abilities. The next cool mentalism trick is to guess a person’s color by merely asking them a few simple questions. Regardless of whether you can correctly guess the color of the person’s hand, the outcome is always correct.

Some mentalism tricks use the subconscious mind to convince a person that they can read their minds. For example, if you ask a volunteer to imagine a square, they’ll most likely think of a circle. When they’re asked the same question, you can show them the picture of the triangle and tell them what it is. As a result, the volunteers will be amazed and believe that the magician is reading their thoughts.

Some cool mentalism tricks can be performed anywhere. All you need is a crowd of four people and a pen and notebook. For the first two, have a volunteer write a number between one and twenty, and have them write the same amount in their notebook. After they’ve done so, the third volunteer adds up the numbers and reveals the result. When the second volunteer has the same amount, the fourth will be shocked and think you’re psychic.

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