Magic Trick – Color Pen Prediction Revealed

A classic magic trick, Color Pen Prediction is an easy to perform, mind-boggling mentalism effect. The magician shows a drawing to a spectator while he selects a color with a Sharpie marker. A second spectator then fills in a different color with a different colored marker. A third participant colors the same drawing, revealing the mystery-colored pen. The magician is blindfolded, so he cannot see the drawing, so he is unable to see the other marker. The second spectator then fills in the blank on the second hand.

The performer presents six different colors of the marker in a holder. A volunteer chooses one color with the marker, colors the remainder of the drawing. Then, the performer reveals the object that matches the colors chosen by the volunteer. There is no assistant needed in this presentation. The pen comes with five colors of markers and a custom-made holder for the markers. The electronic receiver in the pen is powered by two AAA, 1.5-volt batteries or two 3V batteries.

This colorful prediction effect is very easy to perform, especially if you have a volunteer help you out. The performer provides six colored pens, each with a unique marker. The volunteer chooses a color marker and is instructed to color the chosen portion of the drawing. The volunteer repeats the process with the remaining five colors. The duplicate drawing matches the colors of the first drawing exactly. The performers’ back is turned throughout the whole process, so they cannot see the markers used by the volunteers.

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To do the trick, the performer displays six different color pens in a holder. A volunteer chooses a color marker. The performer then copies this symbol with the other five colors. The marker is self-contained and can be virtually worked on its own. The pen is available in white and black. While the volunteers’ selections are made, the volunteer cannot see the other colors of the markers. The spectator is surprised and delighted.

Using the markers, the performer asks a volunteer to choose a color pen and draws the exact same picture. The performer then gives the volunteer a copy of the drawing and then tells them to color the other five portions. The two drawings match exactly, and the volunteers cannot see which colors they used! The performer’s back is completely concealed during the process of selecting the colors for the duplicate. This is done with the assistance of the electronic receiver.

The color pen prediction magic trick uses six different colored markers in a holder. The volunteer chooses a color and the performer copies it. The performer does not use any assistants or props to do the trick. This effect requires a battery and is self-contained. It is possible to buy a pen in black or white. The marker is visible in the hands of the volunteer. The performer does not need to ask the volunteer if the colors are correct.

The color pen prediction magic trick uses six different colored markers. The volunteer chooses one and the performer copies it. The volunteer’s choice is then the identical color of the other five. The colors may vary, but the same symbol is always displayed. This magic trick is performed with the use of a single marker. A volunteer chooses a different colored marker for each draw. It is a very clever and fun way to engage the audience in a mystery.

The magician displays six different color pens in a holder. A volunteer selects a marker and colors part of the drawing. Then the volunteer chooses the second color, and so on. After the second volunteer finishes, the performer will reveal the object. It will match the colors of the first. During this stage, the performer is invisible and the color pen is invisible. This is an excellent effect for a card trick or a close-up show.

The color pen prediction is an easy-to-perform magic trick in which a volunteer picks a color from a holder. The performer then uses the color pens to duplicate the volunteer’s chosen colors. The result is a matching image, which is shown to be an exact replica of the first. It is an amazing magic effect, and the colors of the marker can be seen by anyone. It is even more impressive when the volunteer chooses a pen that matches the color of the drawing.

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