Close Up Magic

Close up magic or magic or close illusion in short distance from the audience.

What is close-up magic, you ask? Let’s try to clarify a little. As a definition, I could tell you that it is “foreground” magic, which is the art of creating illusions a few inches from the viewer’s nose.
Generally, it works with small objects that usually fit in a person’s pockets, such as coins, rings, pens, banknotes, cards, cell phones – or medium-sized objects such as glasses or bottles can be used.

Close-up magic is probably the art that adapts most easily to all types of events. It has very few limitations, is completely adaptable to the needs of the public, and ensures that it leaves a strong impact memory and remains memorable for a long time.

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In close-up magic, everyday objects become magical! A lighter, a spoon, a book, a leaf, a ring, a watch, a phone. Magic is everywhere, you just have to “let it go”. The basis of these effects is interaction. Close-up magic allows exactly this kind of connection: The involvement of the public is essential. The mentalist encourages and asks for the direct involvement of the guests, makes them laugh, but also makes them doubt and ask questions and actively participate.

Close-up close-up magic

This kind of magic is ideal for business lunches, private events, the launch of new products and services, or for events in hotels and restaurants. It is magic that amazes, surprises, and inspires.

Here are some basic points for a close-up magic show:

It is possible to organize personalized shows from a few to hundreds of participants.
It is adaptable to any type of event, from corporate lunches to cocktail parties.
Each guest table gets its own private show, each group has its magic moment.

A mentalist who can do incredible and cutting edge magic close-ups! This magic is sometimes referred to as table magic, a type of magic you may have seen, perhaps in performances by other magicians. Incredible close-up magic, however, is a guarantee! Because it will entertain even the most demanding of your guests for both business and private events.

But why should you turn to a close-up magic mentalist for your event?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, close-up magic – also known as table magic or micro magic or close-up magic – is a more intimate and personal form of magic that takes place closely. Imagine the scene where the mentalist is performing, and you look around and see your guests having fun and laughing in amazement as they witness what seems impossible. Those in attendance will be amazed that a mentalist can take their watches and make them reappear in a sealed envelope. He can fold a piece of cutlery with the power of his mind and even push a bottle towards the center of the table with his mind!

Close-up magic is one of the best types of magic if you are thinking of organizing private and business events and welcoming your guests or saying goodbye to them.

It is a type of magic that is sure to create a special atmosphere in the room thanks to the presence of the mentalist, who will linger at each table and amaze those present with a performance of incredible magic.

Close-up magic is also ideal as a fantastic icebreaker if you have guests who do not know each other and have never met before. Your guests will be struck with wonder and amazement at the incredible magic and illusions they will see. You can expect a certain result: Your guests will talk about the close-up magic they experienced during your event for a long time to come!

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