Are Mentalists the Same As Mediums

are mentalists the same as mediums?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding whether mentalists and mediums are the same thing. Some people believe that mentalists use mental powers to fool people into thinking they can psychically communicate with the dead, while mediums use their psychic … Read full post

Are Mentalists Banned from Casinos?

are mentalists banned from casinos?

Mentalists are often thought of as being banned from casinos because of their ability to deceive and trick people. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim and mentalists are still allowed to perform at casinos if they … Read full post

Are Behaviorism and Mentalism the Same

are behaviorism and mentalism the same?

Behaviorism and mentalism are both schools of thought within psychology that focus on the study of behavior. Behaviorism emphasizes the role of environmental stimuli in shaping behavior, while mentalism focuses on the influence of the mind on behavior. The two … Read full post