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There are many books about mentalism out there, and a great starting point is reading one of the 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda. Like the classic Royal Road to Card Magic, each step builds on the previous one. Other mentalism books are incredibly helpful for the basics, including Barrie Richardson’s Theater of the Mind and Max Maven’s Rainbow Series. The Art of the Mentalist is a popular, highly regarded book on the subject.

The Encyclopedia of Mentalists & Mentalists, by Bob Cassidy, is a 600-page tome that will teach you the basics of mentalism. The book is written by Max Maven, who became one of the most famous mentalists in history. This book has a number of powerful enchantments, including a bonus routine. In addition to the audio book, there are two PDFs included as well. The post-lecture PDF contains questions that weren’t covered during the seminar, plus it also includes an additional bonus routine. The audio version comes with two PDFs. The pre-lecture PDF explains everything from what to expect at the seminar.

The Essentials of Professional Mentalism by Bob Cassidy is considered the definitive guide to mentalism. It teaches the basics for beginners and has a list of 39 essential mnemonics and other hypnosis manuals. It also has a summary of the major concepts and exercises that each book contains. A bonus routine is included, along with a bonus routine. Aside from these three, the book also comes with three MP3s.

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The fundamentals of professional mentalism by Bob Cassidy is widely regarded as the bible for learning the art of mentalism. This book contains the fundamentals that beginners need to know and a list of 39 important mnemonic books. This compilation of these works contains a detailed synopsis of the 39 books. In the end, it is a valuable resource for aspiring mentalists. And while these books aren’t traditional mnemonics, they’re still helpful for beginners.

The Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism is a 600-page book for the serious mentalist. It includes the fundamentals of mentalism and features a bonus routine. This is an ideal reference for a serious mnemonics book. It contains the techniques, and stories of some of the world’s most famous mentalists. It is also a valuable resource for those who are interested in mentalism.

The Basics of Mentalism, written by Derren Brown, is a comprehensive guide to mentalism that will teach you the skills of mind-reading. It also provides a lot of tips and tricks for mentalism. You’ll find the best mentalizers in this book by combining it with other magic. There’s no substitute for a passionate desire to learn and master the art.

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