Best Mentalism Books on Reddit

If you’re interested in learning the art of mentalism, there are a few excellent books available online. One of the best resources for this subject is the Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists, a book that acts like the “director’s cut” of 13 Steps to Mind Control. It contains bonus material by William Rauscher, the author of Mindreaders: Masters of Deception, which focuses on the lives of famous mentalists.

best mentalism books reddit

Another great mentalism book is Derren Brown’s Encyclopedia of Mentalists & Magicians, which is a 600-page volume full of information on mentalism. The author of this book was a highly successful mentalist in the world. The Color Series of Mind Control is one of the best-selling mentsalism books, written under Phil Goldstein’s real name. It’s full of incredible mnemonic effects and teaches the secrets of hypnosis and suggestion.

The Encyclopedia of Mentalists and Magicians by Derren Brown is a comprehensive 600-page reference for serious mentalism enthusiasts. It contains techniques by Max Maven, one of the most famous mentalists in history. He also wrote The Color Series of Mind Control under his real name, Phil Goldstein. The book is full of powerful mentalism effects, including the famous “spinning eyes” technique.

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Another book to look for on the Internet is Practical Mental Magic by Master Mentalist Theodore Annemann. This book covers all aspects of mentalism and is considered the cornerstone of mental magic education. It’s not for beginners, but it’s packed with enough information to keep you busy for a lifetime. It contains several tricks that make a person believe they can do whatever they want. A guidebook of mental magic is a great starting point for anyone, so you’ll find plenty of useful tips and tricks in this popular book.

The Encyclopedia of Mentalism is another essential book for aspiring mentalists. It covers the basics of psyches, and is a great guide for beginning practitioners. It is also a great reference for seasoned mentalists. Its reviews are largely positive and honest. The Encyclopedia of Mind Magic can be a helpful resource for people who are interested in a career in mentalism.

If you’re interested in mentalism, you can’t afford to overlook the Encyclopedia of Mentalists. It contains over 600 pages of information and is ideal for serious students. The first part of the book covers the history of mentalism, as well as the genesis of hypnosis. The other half of the book contains information about a renowned mentalist. The Encyclopedia of Mindcraft is a great source of a reputable manual for mentalists.

The Encyclopedia of Mentalism is a must-have for aspiring mentalists. Aside from being an essential resource, it can also be a great way to learn the art of mentalism. In addition to learning new hypnosis tricks, these two books are also very useful for those who are interested in the psychology of mind control. And if you’re really curious about mentalism, you might even discover a few other topics.

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