Best Mementalism Tricks Revealed

In this article, I will explain one of the best mentalism tricks revealed in the form of a simple reversal. Using a sheet of square paper, the mentalist will tell the spectator to write something on it. Once they’re done, they will give the piece back. They then tear up the square paper. They will cut it in half in the perfect half. This will be the first half they see and they’ll keep track of the center. After the first half is cut, they’ll read the secret number on the reverse side. They’ll toss the other half away. They’ll always be right.

best mentalism tricks revealed

The next trick is called “mind-reading.” This is a simple technique that you can do anywhere, but you must have a crowd of four volunteers. All you need is a pen or notebook, and the volunteers should write down the total on the page. Then, ask the volunteers to switch their cups. They should do this over until the final total is the same as the others. The crowd will then assume that the reversal is a genuine mental trick and they will be amazed.

A good mentalist will also use indirect hints to get their subject to draw the triangle. Often, the mentalism magician will ask a person to draw a triangle in a circle by drawing it in the air. People subconsciously pick up the triangle, so they are not aware of it. Another aforementioned trick involves locking people in a room with 5 objects and forcing them to pick one of them.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

When you want to make people believe you’re a psychic, the first step is to ask someone a number between one and twenty. When the friend answers, count how many times his or her muscles tighten. This happens naturally when a person clenches his or her teeth. If they do, then they’re probably psychic, and the next step is to ask the person a question that will make them change their answer.

The next step is to tell the subject that the number in their mind is odd. This is done by telling the subject that a number is an odd number. Then, the mentalist will tell them that the two digits are not the same. This will eliminate half of the possibilities and make them think that a number is an odd number. The same trick is performed with the odd number. A mentalist will be able to make someone think that a number is an even number by telling them that it’s an even number.

When asking a volunteer to imagine a shape, the magician can use the third letter of the alphabet to make them think of a triangle. If the person cannot see the triangle, the mentalist can merely suggest a circle around the triangle. By combining generalities and careful observation, is one of the most impressive mentalism tricks. It is one of the most powerful sleight-of-hand tricks you can perform in front of a crowd.


Below is a list of the most popular mind-reading tricks.

This is the first thing.

The elephant mind-reading trick is a classic one.
You are told to do this trick.
Think of any number between 1 and 10 without saying out loud, just add 8 to the number you got from your previous calculations.
Think of an animal that starts with the letter A and its color of it.
There is an answer for this.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The math calculations you are going to do are meant to make you think differently.
You’ll come down to one answer, always, after all of these calculations.
When you’re told to think of any country that starts with that letter, the first one that comes to mind is Denmark.
You are told to skip the first letter of the alphabet and go to an E.
You are told to think of an animal with that letter.
An elephant is the first animal you think of.
You get grey when you think about its color.
You have a grey color, an animal, and a country.
You have an elephant in your possession.

Trick 2

The arm trick is called escheats on the arm.
This is what happens when this trick is performed.
The mentalist shows you a deck of cards and asks you to choose a card from it.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The mentalist wants you to pick on his arm with a lip balm before the trick is done.
The mentalist chooses mostly black cards because they are going to show up very clearly on his arm.
He trims a tiny bit of the card at the top after selecting a random card.
Once it’s cut, he places it in front of his target card so that he can see it longer.
He tells you to let him write the prediction first so he can get it right.
He does that so that he can burn the paper and get the ashes he needs to rub on the arm to get his target card’s image.

Trick 3

The red hammer trick was performed.
You are given a piece of paper with a prediction of the last answer you will give.
You must answer the questions before you can open it.
You are told to reply:
What day is Christmas, what is the number between 1 and 3, and what side of the road do they drive on?
You are asked to name two things.
You are told to think of it and say the answer out loud.
The answer you give is a red hammer.
It is a trick that has been explained.
There is something about the series of questions that causes the brain to fire up and people to be restricted from answering.
It narrows you down to a few things.
The Red Hammer trick can be read.

Trick 4

The number mind-reading trick can be used.
You are told to think of an odd number between 1 and 50, but the digits should not be the same.
You are told not to say it out loud, but to visualize it so that it is safe in your mind.
The number in your mind is 37 if you are sure of it.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The performance of the actual trick is the secret.
Many possibilities are eliminated when you are told to think if the two digits are odd and not the same.
Half of them are eliminated as they are all even numbers because they are odd numbers from 1 to 50.
The digits 1 through 9 are also eliminated if you tell them that the two digits shouldn’t be the same.
Most people don’t think of thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen, but they are.
Many people go for 37.

Trick 5

It’s a touch head mind-reading trick.
If you write any number you like on a paper and keep it secret, the mentalist won’t see it.
He will be able to read the number from your mind by touching your head.
He gives the correct number.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The mentalist will choose to read someone close to him and his friends.
They are going to connect in this way.
He will take note of the number of times they clench their teeth and listen to it from his friend’s body through the point of contact.
The number is 3 if he clenches subconsciously.

Trick 6

There is a trick called the Triangle and Circle.
The mentalist will draw a prediction of the most likely answer and keep it.
You will be told to draw two shapes, one inside of the other.
He gives you a prediction after you’re done.
A triangle inside a circle is the most popular shape.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The mentalist will predict if he knows that the chances of you drawing a triangle inside a circle are high.
He’ll use all possible means to get you to do that once he’s done with that.
He tries to hint at you by showing you how he wants you to do it.
He will draw the triangle in the air and you will pick it up.

Trick 7

Your friends’ minds should be read.
You and your friends will be locked in a room with 5 objects, including a cup, a cell phone, sunglasses, and a deck of playing cards.
You will be told by the mentalist to keep one of the object’s secrets.
He will come into the room and read your mind to find the right object for you.
It is a trick that has been explained.
In this case, the mentalist just chooses a person whom he’ll work with and get him to tell him through his body posture, specifically through the signals he sends to the mentalist.
He looks for things in you and your friends when he gets into the room.
There will be a deck of playing cards with hands on the hips and a cell phone in the pocket.

Trick 8

There is a trick to playing the Crystal Ball.
A piece of paper with a crystal ball drawn on it has been folded twice.
You are told to write on the ball.
Once you are done, you hand it to him and he tears it up in front of you, and then gives you the exact number you had written in a creative way that appears as if he read your mind.
He knows what he is talking about.
It is a trick that has been explained.
You need to know that the piece of paper is a square.
The Mentalist does this because it will help him get to the number he wants.
He starts tearing it up after you’ve written your secret number.
The deception happens at this location.
He cut one side of the paper carefully while keeping an eye on the central part of the paper.
The number you wrote has been looked at twice.
He will unfold it after he tears it up a couple of times.
If you want to give the number, read it and dispose of it carefully.

Trick 9

The United States has a trick of its own.
You are told to think of every state in the United States in this trick.
You are told to read it in your mind.
You will be shown a table with a variety of colors and many letters, but no arrangement.
After you identify the color of the last letter of the state, you’ll be told to think of it.
The mentalist will look at you and tell you that it is red.
It is a trick that has been explained.
You’d probably know the secret at a glance here.
The mentalist wants to make the table have all the last letters of the US in red, so they’ll be posing as if they’re giving away the color with your mind.

Trick 10

There is a game called nail roulette.
There is a nail stuck underneath a bottle and the mentalist has to pick it up.
If you can get a nail on the bottom of the cup, that’s great.
The mentalist will put the stuck nail in one of the cups on top of the table.
The mentalist will leave the room where this is happening so that he can’t see which bottle the nail is in.
The mentalist starts pressing the plastic bottles against the table to break them after you are done shuffling.
He doesn’t get pierced by the nail when he does that for two bottles.
There is a nail in the third bottle.
It is a trick that has been explained.
The nail has a secret.
The fishing line that extends beyond the bottle is attached to the stand that supports the nail so that it can stand firmly while facing upwards.
He can see where the nail is by looking at the bottle with the fishing line hanging outside.
You can catch tricky mentalists by catching their pants down.
Magic is not always mysterious.
Most of the magic shows you see nowadays are made-up tricks that twist your mind and make you believe that the show is happening when they are just using your body posture.
It may sound like hypnotism but it’s not.
If you want to see the magic behind these tricks, you should try them out with your friends.


They should read their responses.

The above trick can be performed.
Reading people’s facial reactions can make you seem like a mentalist.
A momentary loss of control over emotions can be used with human micro-expressions.
You can read their real emotions if you learn these micro-expressions in people.
eyebrow arch, forehead wrinkle, eyelid open, jaw drops, happiness: forehead wrinkle in the center, mouth tenses, upper eyelid raises, lower does Tanger: brows lower, nostrils dilate, lips together.
All of these reactions will be very subtle.
Predicting based on micro expressions in people is a good way to practice mentalist readings.
6 psychological tricks can be used to read anyone.

Mentalists can guess numbers.

Mentalists can either guess the numbers using several methods, or they can use a stylus to write the answer after they have written it.
We will learn more about how they do what they do here.

The Swami pencil is used for writing.

A lot of practice is required for this trick.
They will give you a card with a one-digit number on it.
What is it about that?
The prop is invisible in this trick.
It is a ring that matches your skin color.
The pencil lead on the ring is not visible to the naked eye.
You will be shown an ordinary pencil by the mentalist, who will give you a card from the index cards they are carrying.
They will watch you write.
There are two purposes for your single-digit number.
The way you wrote the number has been memorized by them.
You can tell what number you wrote by your pencil stroke.
They pretend to write the number in their mind’s eye with a pencil while you write it down.
They write it quickly after they flat over the card.
This trick requires a lot of mental acrobatics, as well as doing something in front of you that you thought they already did.
That is a long sentence.
Imagine pulling it off, what it would be like.

The envelope trick is used to track.

It is easy to learn and perform, even for the amateur, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the office trick.
An envelope, marker, and index card are required.
Some of them come with a sharp tip, but not this one.
The small, straight, sharp end of the double-sized sharpie is the best for this.
A clear shadow is what you want from that number.
Words and names can be hard to read, so use numbers.
It is not easy to be mistaken for the numbers.
When the mentalist tells you to put the card in the envelope and seal it, you can do the trick.
The mentalist will bend the security envelope slightly so they can see the shadow once you return the envelope.
It is easier to see and feel confirmation when there is a slight impression on the card.


There is a gray elephant in the country.

This is a mind-reading trick that can be performed by anyone, from a single friend to a large audience.
Pick a number between 1 and 10 and ask everyone to think of it.
Then, add that number up to 9.
You can add the two digits together to create a new number.
They should subtract 5 from that number once they have done this.
They should not say their numbers aloud.
Everyone is going to think they have a different number.
Only you know the crazy part.
Everyone will be thinking of the number 4 right now because of some quirky mathematical concepts.
If you want everyone to associate the number with a letter in the alphabet, tell them to take it.
1 is A, 2 is B, and so on.
Tell them to think of a country when they have a letter.
After waiting a few moments for everyone to do that, tell everyone to think of an animal that starts with the second letter of the country’s name.
Tell them how to see it.
You can either confirm that everyone ended up with a Gray Elephant, or that you wrote a prediction about it.
Most people will think of Denmark for the letter D and Elephant for the letter E.
The way you emphasize the importance of color is what mentalists refer to as getting an extra “hit” or “success”.
Someone might think of something different with a larger group.
It’s fine.
Mentalists prefer not to have a 100% success rate as it makes their talents seem more human.
You can say how you like this person and use them for a trick.
You can make large sheets with the alphabet printed on them and a different city and animal written next to each letter if you want to make sure everyone thinks of the same thing.
You would have Elephant next to the “D” on the first sheet and the “E” on the second.

The red hammer has something on it.

The mentalist trick has a slightly higher chance of failing because it is based on probability.
It is possible to be successful more often than not with a little practice.
The unique way our brains process words and images is the subject of the Red Hammer trick.
It uses a simple method to prime your audience.
It is best performed by a single person or a small group.
Write down a prediction that says you will choose a red hammer.
Make sure to ask the following questions quickly.
Not allowing much time for thinking is important.
By the time you get to the important last question, you want them to be quick with their answers.
What year was 10 years ago and what day is Christmas?
What side of the road do they drive on in London?
The Red Hammer trick should be viewed as an experiment.
Take all the credit for the miracle, if they say “Red Hammer”.
If they say something else, talk about how they think differently than other people and pretend to think about how that will affect your next trick.

The circle has a triangle inside.

This is an easy mentalism trick that can be used for a quick mind reading.
It is quick and easy and shows your ability to do mind control.
Ask the person to think of a shape.
A square but not a square is a simple shape.
The suggestion will encourage people to think of a triangle.
Tell them to think of a different shape around the first one.
Many people think of a circle as there aren’t many shapes that fit around the triangle.
Tell them how they thought of the triangle inside the circle.
Try this pro tip if you want to increase your chances of success.
As you are teaching them to think of shapes, it’s a good idea to subtly move your hands in the air.
This is an example of a powerful mentalism technique called subliminal programming.
Do you think this trick is easy to perform?
Patrick Jane is a psychic detective on the show.

The P.A.T.E.O Force is made up of police officers.

The P.A.T.E.O. Force can be used to follow up one of the above probability tricks.
P.A.T.E.O is also known as Pick any Two, Eliminate One and is a trick used by magician Roy Baker.
It can be done anywhere in the world.
This magic force is very easy.
Pick out different objects.
A minimum of 6 and no more than 11 is what we suggest.
It is possible to have as many as you want.
Take a piece of paper and write down one object.
Your prediction will be this one.
This is the way the P.A.T.E.O procedure works.
Two people point at two objects.
The person who doesn’t do the pointing gets to remove one of those items.
Make sure to point at two different objects than the one you thought would happen.
Eliminate the other object if the other person points to it as one of their two.
Depending on the number of items you have, which person should go first.
Remember that I’m odd and you’re even.
If you are giving an example of how the game works, then you should point at two.
They start if there is at least an equal amount of items.
This guarantees that the item you predicted is the only one left and that you make the last choice.
It doesn’t seem as obvious that you’re avoiding one object during the elimination process if you act like you’re trying to get into their head and struggling to make your choices.

The trick was 1089.

When done right, the 1089 trick can seem impossible.
It would take another full article to explain the math on this.
You need to trust that this one works.
Require your spectators to open up the calculator by taking out their phones.
Think of a 3 digit number and have them do it.
Tell them to make it harder for you by making the number different.
The best way to make sure the trick works is secret.
Tell them to reverse it.
LCS would become LCS.
Then, using their calculator, subtract the smaller number from the larger one.
They have a new number that is 888-282-0465 888-282-0465.
They are not saying anything yet.
You must emphasize that you cannot see what they are typing.
You can tell them to reverse the new number.
Add both of those numbers to each other.
This number will always be 1089 even if they start with a different number.
If you want to reveal this, you can either send them a text message or write it down.
If your spectator chooses to start with a number like 132, it is an important tip.
After the number is reversed, they might end up with 99.
The trick could be messed up.
They need to do their subtraction before avoiding this.
Maybe you ended up with a two-digit number.
That is fine if that is the case.
We will use 3 digit numbers to make sure there are no extra variables.
In front of that number, we will need to add a zero.
Proceed as usual after that.
They will have 099 which will reverse to 980 and add together to get 1089.
Once you have mastered the beginner mentalist tricks, it is time to try some of the more popular mentalism tricks.
This fascinating look at the history of mentalism can also be found in these top mentalism books for beginners.


There are tricks for mind-reading with numbers.

The mind reader combines their mastery of math with an element of magical fun by using these mind-reading tricks.
Your subject will be asked to pick between 0 and 9 in their head when performing these tricks.
You will tell them the exact number they picked once they picked the number.
The best mathematical mind reading tricks can be found here.

This is the 11 trick.

This mind-reading trick requires your spectator to write a secret number on a piece of paper.
You can’t see the number.
Touch their head to read the spectator’s mind.
You should assure them that they will be able to read the number.
Pick the number and reveal it.
You need to choose a subject that is close to you so that you can have a strong connection.
The point of contact is the head, so it will be easy to read the number from there.
The answer is three if the subject subconsciously clenches.

This is the 12 trick.

The number 6 trick is used for multiplication.
The mind-reading trick is to ask your spectator to add up the numbers.
The answer will always end with the same number, but the number in the ten’s place will behalf of the ones.
6 x 4 is 24 and 6 x 8 is 48.

This is the 13 trick.

The multiplication, addition, and division trick are used.
You ask your spectator to pick a number between 1 and 9 and then add it up to 3.
Divide the answer by 3 if you ask them to add the answer to 6.
The initial number should be subtracted from the final number.
2 is the answer.
2 x 3 is the same as 6 x 6 and 12 x 3.

This is the 14 trick.

The number trick is the same as before.
If you want to do this trick, you have to ask your subject to pick a 3-digit number.
Some of the best examples are 222, 666, and 888.
Ask them to add the three digits once they have picked a number.
The 3-digit number should be divided by the answer they get in step 2.
The answer will be 37, regardless of the number that they pick.
7 + 7 + 7 is the same as 21 and 21 is the same as 37 in this example.


There are mind-reading tricks that you can use.

The mind-reading tricks are based on the belief that people will choose specific words when confronted with certain questions.
You can have your subjects play in your hands with this.
Some examples are listed.


Other mind-reading tricks can be used.

The red hammer trick was performed.
The trick is to give your subject a piece of paper with a prediction of the answer you will get.
They are supposed to answer all the questions before opening the paper.
You are supposed to ask your spectator a few questions.
What day is Christmas, what number is between 1 and 3, and what are hamburgers made of?
Ask them to quickly and loudly name a color and a tool.
Your correct prediction is that the spectator will name a red hammer.

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