Anverdi Psychic Die Receiver


The famous Anverdi Mental Die is a fantastically fun and unique trick that uses the power of dice to produce stunning visual effects. Using three dice, the ACAAN ends up in a position determined by the rolls of the dice. This game also includes an exclusive interview with Anverdi historian Chuck Caputo. You can learn about the fascinating history of this incredible magic system by purchasing this amazing product. The long-lasting batteries allow for hours of play!

The Anverdi Mental Die receiver works by communicating with your dice using a newly coded remote. The remote can be adjusted for a soft, medium, or hard vibration. The Anverdi Mental Dice is compatible with all Anverdi sets. You can play with it up to 40 feet away. The Anverdi Mental Dice will allow you to create and practice magic on a grand scale. With the Anverdi Mental Dice Set, you’ll have access to hundreds of incredible illusions in minutes.

The Anverdi Mental Dice receiver shows the power level of each die on the dice. It also “talks” to the dice, revealing the power levels of each one. It can be used up to forty feet away. The receiver can last up to 20 hours between charges. Anverdi’s original Anverdi Mental Dice Set is compatible with this receiver. Its range is approximately 40 feet. This device is highly durable, making it a popular option amongst magicians.

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Anverdi’s Mental Dice receiver communicates with dice to reveal their power levels. It also shows the power level of each die, making it easy for a novice to tell which die has more power. The device can also be placed in sleep mode and woken up immediately. The Anverdi Mental Dice Set is compatible with both the Anverdi Mental Dice Set and the original Anverdi’s version.

The Anverdi Mental Dice receiver communicates with dice via radio waves. The device is small and portable, and the antenna allows the receiver to be used at a distance of up to forty feet. The Mental Dice can be used in both indoors and outdoors. The Anverdi Psychic Die is a great way to enhance the game at your home or in the casino. This product can also help you get a better score.

The Anverdi Mental Dice is the perfect addition to your Anverdi Mental Dice set. The die is standard casino size, but with the receiver, you can see the power level of each die. It is also compatible with the Anverdi Original Mental Dice Set and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make a magic trick at home. It can even be used in a game of chance. The player simply places the dice on the floor, and the dice are flipped at random.

Anverdi’s innovative mentalism dice are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The device is portable and comes with a wireless charger, a USB cord, and a tactile remote. It also works with a single die. The system is compatible with both an iPad and a PC. The mentalism dice are available in a variety of colors, which make it suitable for most people’s rooms.

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