Anverdi Dice

anverdi dice

The Anverdi Dice is a unique device that is made with the most advanced wireless charging technology. The dice can be charged wirelessly or with the included USB cord. The Dice comes with a hard plastic case lined with a soft velvet feel. The inside of the case has a small compartment for the receiver and three dice. The receiver screen is protected with a clear window. The Dice are very durable, and the case is very easy to transport.

The Anverdi Dice is a unique device that will fool your audience into thinking you have uber powers. The technology behind the Anverdi Dice is truly remarkable and will leave your audience completely dumbfounded. It is so easy to use and has a completely unbelievable effect. Andi Dice is impossible to perform on its own, so you’ll need the audience’s participation. The Vorfuhrende will need the attention of the teuflin to see the die up close.

While the Anverdi Dice may seem a bit out of place in today’s world, it works. It is a very advanced electronic engineering and can fool your audience. The large transmitter and long lead of the device enable you to hide the tiny LED output from your audience under your watch strap without appearing to have anything hidden. The receiver will allow you to operate the Anverdi Dice from up to 40 feet away.

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In terms of size, the Anverdi Dice are standard casino-sized dies that can be used normally. The Anverdi Dice uses exceptional materials to produce this incredible effect. The receiver has a newly coded vibration system and features the latest remote technology. The Anverdi Dice can be used with the original Anverdi Mental Dice Set. This is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys playing a game of chance.

The Anverdi die has been around for several centuries and is still very popular today. Due to advances in technology, this device can be used even if you’re not around a lot. Its size also makes it suitable for travel. It is compatible with most digital watches and other electronic devices. The Anverdi Dice is the first and only device that uses a wireless communication system. With this feature, you can easily share your digital information with the receiver.

The Anverdi Dice is a unique device for magical performances. It can fool audiences and is incredibly easy to use. The die works by causing the audience to think it is an uber and asks them to participate. Unlike a normal upstanding, the Anverdi Dice has an extremely long lead that allows you to hide the tiny LED underneath your watch strap. This allows you to show your audience upstage without them realizing it is an electronic device.

You roll three dice, each of which is a different color. Even if you turn your back, you will be able to tell which number has been chosen on each die with 100% accuracy. This classic effect has been completely reimagined using cutting-edge technology and materials. There are now standard-looking “gaming” dice, wireless charging, and a “sleep” mode.


There’s no need to buy new dice or send them back when the charge runs out!

EACH DIE is outfitted with cutting-edge wireless charging technology and power level indicators, making it ideal for on-the-go performers.

Simply place them on the charging platform for 5-15 minutes and you’ll be able to use them for 800+ performances.

They come with a charging platform and a USB cord, but they also have insanely long-lasting batteries! You will almost never need to charge your dice or receiver.

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