A Review of Peter Turner’s Freeform Mentalism DVD

If you’ve been searching for a good book on freeform mentalism, this is a great one to start with. The book includes many great tricks and examples of how to manipulate people, such as his famous Credit Card #1. This routine involves reading a spectator’s mind. There is no pre-show, billet, or written information required. The trick is all in Peter’s scripting and draws on the “Painting it Red” principle. Similar techniques are also used by other mentalists, such as Derren Brown and Keith Barry.

freeform mentalism peter turner

The DVD is billed as a set of nine routines, including pitches, readings, and a pitching reveal. There are many examples of how to perform mentalism in front of an audience, including a tattoo shop. The book includes advice on how to become confident and learn about a person’s double reality. This is an excellent introduction to the art of mentalism. It’s worth buying even if you’re not a beginner.

In addition to the tricks, this DVD contains explanations of how to do them. It’s a good place to start if you’re new to the art. You’ll learn the basics and how to perform complex routines. The book also includes bits filmed in a tattoo parlor. This DVD is also filled with tips on how to become confident and perform different kinds of mentalism. The book emphasizes the importance of presentation.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

If you’re a novice in mentalism, this is a good place to start. Pete’s book is a good introduction to the field, but it can also be difficult to follow. It focuses primarily on close-up work. If you’re just starting out, this may not be the book for you. The 13 Steps and Dare to be Bold are great books to get started.

The book also contains many useful ideas for creating simple routines. The author also includes bits that were filmed in tattoo shops. Some of these routines are simple and use small hits, but others are quite elaborate. The book even covers how to do hidden rituals and pitching. It also has plenty of tips on how to use the book in a show. If you want to learn how to perform mentalism, this is a great book for you.

The book contains 9 routines and includes a lot of helpful tips. The book is billed as 9 routines, but it also contains bits filmed at tattoo shops. There is a lot of advice on how to perform mentalism. You need to learn how to present yourself in front of the audience to get the best results. It is a good way to practice mentalism. This is a must have for any magician.

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