A Practical Guide to Mentalism by Tony Corinda

If you’re looking for a practical guide to mentalism, Corinda’s Thirteen Steps to Mentalism is for you. The book contains a series of secrets that will help you perform incredible feats, such as card tricks, x-rays, mediumistic stunts, predictions, and much more. The 13 steps are the foundation for many other mentalism tricks, and will give you the confidence to perform them yourself.

tony corinda 13 steps to mentalism

The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism is by Tony Corinda, the inventor and teacher of mindreading. The book was published in steps for two years, one step at a time. This book has become the de facto reference for mental magic. Whether you’re a professional magician or just a neophyte, this book is a must-read for budding mentalists.

The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism is a comprehensive guide to the most effective methods of mindreading. These techniques can be practiced by anybody. The author also teaches you how to use the simplest trance techniques, such as hypnosis. In addition, you’ll learn how to perform brilliant chess effects. The Thirteen Steps to M.A.T. certification is a must for the budding mentee.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism was written by acclaimed mindreader and teacher Tony Corinda. It was published in one step per month for two years and has since become a classic mental magic reference. It features all of the tricks you need to master mind-reading and more. The Thirteen Steps to M.A.C. has won numerous awards, including a Gold Star from the Magic Circle.

In this book, Corinda presents thirteen different methods for M.A. for the first time. He then explains how to manipulate objects with your mind to influence people. The author then demonstrates these methods on a series of tests. The thirteen steps to M.A. to M.D. is a classic guide to mental magic and is highly recommended. Although it’s a comprehensive guide, it also covers the most basic techniques of the craft.

This book isn’t a trickbook, but rather a comprehensive encyclopedia on mental magic. The Thirteen Steps to M.A. is an excellent guide for beginners in all aspects of mental magic. With the help of this book, you’ll be able to perform incredible illusions and manipulate people’s minds in a natural, non-threatening way. The author has a long list of impressive tricks to offer.

The first step in learning mentalism is to get a good teacher. A good instructor is a valuable tool. You can learn to perform the same magic tricks as the world’s top magicians. Oftentimes, a book on a subject you’re passionate about will be more helpful than a book written by someone who has little experience with the subject. The best trainers are those who have experience in the field and are willing to share their insights and tips.

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