A Piece of My Mind by Michael Murray

The Michael Murray mentalism routines and principles can be learned in a series of lectures titled A Piece of My Mind. It is the first book of its kind to present a system of mentalism in a practical manner. The ten years of development by Murray were used to create this system, which is sure to become a classic in the field. You can read A Piece of My Mind for FREE at Magicbox, or purchase the entire set at a discounted price. The delivery is always free and the company’s no quibble return policy is a bonus.

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This mentalism routine has a revolutionary concept combined with classic mentalism. The spectator is asked to imagine a scene. The magician then has them read a page torn from a book, only to find that it matches the scene in their mind. The subtleties of the text are only revealed after the spectator has finished reading it. There is no doubt that the audience will be amazed at this amazing performance.

A Piece of My Mind contains the Springboard principle, and is one of the best-known mentalism routines. It features the ATM routine, which uses the spectator’s memory to reveal a random PIN number. The Tattle-Tailed routine is one of the best ESP routines ever created. The new version of the classic OOTW plot, A Brave New World, has revolutionary thinking in its approach.

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In Between the Lines, Michael Murray’s mentalism routine has a revolutionary approach to a classic mentalism plot. This routine is the ultimate combination of classical hypnosis with revolutionary thinking. The strong effects are in the spectator’s hands, which are also their own minds. The book features a 16-page photo-illustrated instruction booklet, as well as a complete video and DVD set.

A Piece of My Mind is an essential Michael Murray mentalism routine. The book contains revolutionary thinking techniques combined with classic mentalism routines. The author of Between the Lines routine, A Piece of My Mind, combines the Springboard principle with the ATM routine to reveal a spectator’s PIN without causing confusion. Its ATM effect is the most effective ESP routine ever created. This mentalism trick features three different techniques: abrave, thematic, and the Mirror method.

A Piece of My Mind is one of the most popular mentalism tricks ever developed. The show has three major components: the Springboard principle and the ATM routine. The latter uses a computer to read the PIN number of a random spectator. The latter is a great ESP effect. During the first part of the piece, the spectator will read a torn page of a book to understand the concept behind the story.

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