A Magic Trick Using a Mentalism Notepad

A mentalism notepad is a great tool for anyone interested in mentalism. This little device looks like a normal notepad, with a table of four cards in front of it. In the middle of the pad, you write a secret prediction. You place the iPhone screen down, and the spectator studies the four cards. Then, slowly turn over the phone. The spectator finds the card with the secret prediction. He or she then reads the predictions.

mentalism notepad

The SvenPad is a high-quality mentalism pad. The short edges are precisely trimmed to a quarter of an inch, and the entire pad is hand-inspected and tested for tolerances. It is professionally tape bound, and comes blank. The notebooks are supplied with full instructions, and the PDF for the routine is included. This trick requires a notebook and a pen. For the best results, use a pad with a variety of different colors and pens.

The SvenPad is the perfect gimmick for a mentalism notepad. It is high-quality and is precision-trimmed to a fraction of an inch. It is also professionally tape-bound. The SvenPad is supplied blank, and includes full instructions. The routine is included in the PDF. The SvenPad is a must-have gimmick for a prankster.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

The SvenPad is a high-quality mentalism notepad. Its short edges are fine-tuned to less than a quarter-inch. It is inspected for tolerances, and hand-bound for durability. The SvenPad is a great gimmick for a mentalism show. The pad contains a number of effects, and is convenient to use. If you are a performer, you will love the SvenPad.

A mentalism notepad is a handy gimmick prop that you can use in a magic trick. It’s a handy way to create a secret note. With a SvenPad, you can perform a mentalism prediction without having to use a calculator or a trance. It’s simple and convenient for any stage. With a SvenPad, you’ll be able to use the SvenPad with confidence.

A SvenPad is a high-quality pad. The short edges are precisely trimmed to less than a quarter-inch. SvenPads are professionally tape bound, and are shipped blank. SvenPads are great for mentalism performances, and you can use them for your show. Just be sure to follow the instructions. The SvenPad is a useful magic prop. Aside from a notepad, the SvenPad is an excellent gimmick prop.

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