3 Ways to Perform Psychic Tricks Over the Phone

There are many benefits to performing mentalism over the phone. It is a great way to make an audience believe you have read their mind and are able to guess any number they choose. Whether you’re using the power of suggestion or a more complex technique, mentalism can be used to impress your audience. Here are three ways to perform psychic tricks over the phone. Each one can be used to surprise your audience.

mentalism over the phone

Performing mentalism on the telephone is a convenient way to perform a magic show without having to leave your seat. The technique is not limited to telemarketers and psychics. It can be practiced anywhere. The only requirement is that you have access to a landline phone. If you have an iPhone, you can also do some mind reading tricks while you’re on the phone. This is a great way to perform mentalism on the go.

Choosing a phone service with a high quality customer service is also a good idea. Whether you’re performing mentalism over the phone with a friend or a complete stranger, it’s best to research the services of the provider. A well-established company should have no trouble recommending a mentalist. The service will help you find an experienced professional in your area. It’s also an easy way to get paid.

Tutorial mentalism tricks

The main advantage of performing mentalism over the phone is that it’s easy to get started with very little practice. You can start with basic techniques such as asking people to choose a number and then using that to manipulate someone else’s mind. These techniques are also useful when working in a professional setting. You can use this to gain the trust of your audience. When you use a good phone mentalist, you’ll be able to do amazing things.

The best way to perform mentalism over the phone is to get a live person to answer your questions. You can ask them to answer questions and guess information that you don’t know. Once you have the information you need, you can then ask the person to do something else to you. Once you’re convinced of a person’s mind, you can use a variety of other tricks that are not possible over the phone.

A good example of a good mentalism over the phone act is a card guessing trick. The trick works well over the phone because it requires your spectator to follow your instructions. The trick can be performed even over the phone if the card is not in your hand. The card must be chosen to make the magician’s audience think it was a number. Then the person will be asked to guess the number.

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